January 5th through 29th, 2012 Paseo Originals Art Gallery will be featuring a group show with artists Tom D. Wester, Dawn Williams, Michelle Himes-McCrory, Brooke Rowlands, and Kjelshus Collins. “Artifice, Creativity’s Next Generation” is an exploration of line and texture through the eyes of five artists solidified in their styles while still evolving in their creative approach. Collins and McCrory, both graphic artists working in printmaking media, expose us to the tactile quality of their work through the printing matrix itself. Working through the traditional lino-cut process, Kjelshus Collins, delivers his sociopolitical subjects through crudely cut lines which weave themselves into dramatic depictions of dithery and angst. Conversely, Michelle Himes-McCrory creates her printing plates through modern machine etching processes which allow her to exhibit a refined line structure in her self reflective visages and create unique, subject driven components which she sometimes integrates into her final compositions. Wester has taken an idiomatic approach to his medium creating what he refers to as “Graphic Paintings”. His lead and graphite works on paper, minimalist in composition, seem comparable to an etude; a musical composition built on technical motive, but played for its artistic value. Grace and chaos find one another at home in Wester’s highly textural line structures. Artists Brooke Rowlands and Dawn Williams bring a touch of color and enigmatic expression to “Artifice” through distinctive approaches to their respective creative processes. Rowlands’ mixed media work juxtaposes acrylic on panel abstract paintings with highly refined pen and ink line structure; delineating colorless, free floating blossoms of various species affront vivid splashes of tactile color. Williams path to texture lies in her peculiar use of ephemera and metal alchemy which fuse the seemingly disparate into the edgy and enchanting. Her juxtaposition of bold colors and metal alchemically lends unique, subtle textures to the backdrops complimenting the focal expressions of interpersonal attractions and the carnality of the feminine form. The gallery will host an opening reception, with live music, during the Paseo Arts District First Friday Art Walk from 6pm – 10pm on January 6th, 2012. Wine, refreshments and hor d’oeuvers will be served during the evening’s reception. There will be an artists lecture on Saturday, January the 7th at 1pm following the exhibit opening. The exhibit, reception and lecture are open to the public.

(from Paseo Originals Gallery website)


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